Martyn Patterson

Martyn is a nationally-award winning marketer with nearly 20 years experience of marketing and brand management. He has also served as a consultant on marketing advisory councils with the likes of Citrix, IBM and Novell, advising on the market position, customer engagement and growth of their education businesses.

Martyn’s campaign for “Engaging the Unengaged” helped the University of Leeds Careers Centre win the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) Marketing Award and they are the current holder of this award. Martyn’s concept for “The Leeds Guide to Career Planning 2013” won the Career Service Guide of the Year, awarded by: Gti Media ( (the publishing partner for over 20 of the UK’s leading universities). His work on the messaging and positioning of a new engagement campaign for the University of Leeds Careers Centre helped win the Engagement Award from AGCAS for 2013 and the overall Excellence award for innovative service.

Martyn is an expert in helping organisations to get the right message to the right audience at the right time. He has a wealth of practical experience to ensure that marketing communications meet their objectives and that projects are delivered on time, on budget and to scope / quality.

Consulting with clients and a wide variety of stakeholders, Martyn has a lot of practical experience at delivering a wide range of different brand workshops for clients, as well as helping them define their value propositions. This delivery includes providing Away-Day style events for staff to help them understand the value of their brand and to engage with it.

In addition to demonstrable expertise in strategic and tactical marketing, Martyn is an expert in brand, communications, positioning and copywriting. Martyn is a Chartered Marketer with an honours degree and is a qualified project manager.